Brad’s Story

Brad has found expression through art, drawing parallels in the wild uncertainty in the world, similar to the uncertainty of multiple sclerosis.

I have had MS for approximately 37 years and have come to the Elliot Lewis MS Center since its inception. As my life journeys to a new plateau as regards my multiple sclerosis, the peace and tranquility I feel upon walking into ELC settles my mind comfortably. The discussion and information provided by the ELC doctors before a game plan is finalized is also comforting. If you’re lucky enough during your visit to see one of the great dogs, it’s a great inspiration.

Man Bro

Over the past several years, I have increasingly expressed myself not only with writing, but also with visual art. I had thought about starting to paint a few years ago, but I was motivated more recently by the wild uncertainty in the world, similar to the uncertainty of the illness that has ravaged my life. On top of meditating. I use painting to express my sensation and texture with what I feel, see, dream, and taste. I started with oil, and I have transitioned as my life has transitioned to acrylic and digital. The canvas lies in front of me naked as I explore and feel the flow of paint. Frequently I do not know what’s going to come out and I’ve always happy surprised!

Garbage in My Head

My work has been exhibited in several shows in the South End and Newton, and I just finished up a gallery presentation in Watertown. My pieces will also be shown in an upcoming virtual show put on  by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA). It is wonderful to see how many people with MS are involved in creative activities, and hopefully more will be motivated by seeing the work of others.

Once you walk through the front door at ELC, you are treated like royalty. It’s tough enough having a disability, but as you head to 110 Cedar Street, you know you have found a place that understands what you’re going through. I will leave you with this one thought that emanates for my heart. I refer to the doctors and staff at ELC as “BTC,” brilliant, tenacious, and compassionate. The team at ELC gives patients the opportunity to know what’s going on in the MS world today and potentially in the future.

MSAA Art Showcase 2022