on-site infusion center

A woman using an infusion therapy and talking to a doctor.

on-site infusion center

Convenient Treatment in a Relaxed, Caring Setting

Infusion therapies are some of the most effective treatments for multiple sclerosis, and we are pleased to offer these on site at ELC. We created our Infusion Center with you in mind, so that your treatment can be a pleasant experience. Here are some things you can look forward to:

  • Our infusion space is bright, spacious, and comfortable.

  • We treat primarily MS patients at our Infusion Center, so you are likely to feel more comfortable having a few things in common with other patients.

  • Your doctor is not in another building or even on another floor. The doctors are right down the hall from the infusion suite and can visit with you any time.

  • Follow-up visits with your doctor are often on the same day as your infusion.

  • We check routine blood tests at the time of your infusion so there is rarely a need to visit an outside lab.

Waiting room at the infusion center
A nurse helping an infusion patient

Our infusion staff is an integral part of the ELC team and attends our regular team meetings. We believe that coordinated, personalized care is critical for the safe and effective treatment of MS. Our certified infusion nurses are experts at starting IVs and are friendly and knowledgeable. You will see the same nurses at each treatment.

We have a full-time, dedicated infusion coordinator who will start working with you as soon as your doctor prescribes your medication. They know how to navigate the complicated insurance landscape to get the medication you need, fast!  Often, your treatment will begin within weeks of selecting a therapy. Best of all, we have the expertise to make the process run smoothly so you rarely have to be involved. These are just a few of the services our coordinator provides for you:

  • Serving as your personal advocate to untangle insurance hassles.

  • Helping you to understand and effectively navigate your insurance benefits.

  • Obtaining any needed authorizations and referrals from your insurance company.

  • Actively enrolling you in financial assistance programs, if applicable, to help any out of pocket costs.

  • Scheduling of visits and lab tests (same day if possible).

As with every other part of our practice, the staff at our Infusion Center provides the highest level of personalized service and attention. When you come in for your treatment, you know that you will be cared for by staff and nurses who know you by name and are committed to providing the highest level of personalized treatment and care.

The Infusion Center is open by appointment Monday through Friday. The whole team is here if you have questions or need more information. Just call or email us.

A note on COVID-19 protocols: We are very mindful of the additional risks posed by COVID-19 and have taken every step we can to mitigate those risks and keep our patients safe. One of those steps is a temporary “no guest” policy in the Infusion Center.