the patient experience

Patient Experience at ELC

the patient experience

caring for the whole person

What is it like to be a patient at The Elliot Lewis Center? There are many options for multiple sclerosis care in New England, but our model sets us apart, and our patients, families, and caregivers agree.

We Don’t Just Treat MS - We Treat People and Families Who Live with MS Every Day

Our patients come from all over New England and beyond. They come from every walk of life and age group, all with unique lives, but all with a shared concern for what the future may bring. We support each person with compassion and education from day one, and throughout every stage of their life.

Our physicians offer highly personalized medical care including diagnosis, state-of-the-art treatment, symptom management, and opportunities to participate in research and clinical trials. But, in addition, our doctors and highly skilled team of professionals will get to know you personally, so we can tailor your treatment plan to meet all your specific needs. We work to keep your MS in the background where it belongs.

We designed our center to make you feel welcome and cared for the minute you walk in the door.  We have wide corridors and beautiful offices with an abundance of natural light, and a spacious on-site infusion center and phlebotomy.

We Understand That Your Concerns and Questions Aren’t Confined to Office Hours

We ask you to contact your doctor directly (by email or telephone) whenever the need arises, so you have the comfort of knowing you will get a quick response.

Location Matters

The Elliot Lewis Center is a free-standing center devoted to multiple sclerosis care. Our location is easily accessed from anywhere in New England, is located on the ground level, and has convenient free outdoor parking close to the entrance. Our patients tell us how much they appreciate not having to valet or use a parking garage as well as not having to navigate multiple corridors in a large hospital complex. We work with our patients’ schedules to coordinate their appointments rather than making them jump through multiple scheduling hoops. We do our best to align physician visits with phlebotomy and infusions when appropriate.  In short, we do everything we can to accommodate you and make your experience convenient and meaningful, with as little stress as possible.

our patients say it best

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