MS State Action Day

MS State Action Day Massachusetts was Monday, May 15, 2023. Every year, Multiple Sclerosis Activists around the country take action to raise awareness and urge state lawmakers to make policy decisions that will help people with multiple sclerosis live their best lives. MS State Action Days provide activists the opportunity to learn about the National MS Society’s advocacy priorities and pair them with personal experiences as they connect with state legislators and other policy makers on behalf of all people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Our Executive Director, Marissa Shackleton, along with patients and advocates from around the state discussed policy items with State Representatives, Senators and staffers.

The focus for the 2023 MS State Action Day was advocating for improved access to affordable MS medications through the support of 2 bills: the Copay Accumulator Ban and Non-Medical Switching.

H.953/S.609 “An Act relative to consumer deductibles”, an issue more commonly known as “all copays count”, ensures all forms of payment, including copay assistance programs, count towards out-of-pocket deductibles. The bills will make sure patient support funding actually supports the patients, rather than allowing the insurance companies to get paid twice.

H.982 Relative to non-medical switching prohibits changes to prescription drug benefits during the plan year to ensure no patient loses access to their medications. The National MS Society supports measures that ensure health insurers stick to the contract, and prevent them from making changes to prescription drug benefits and formularies after the plan year has begun.

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