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Patient Experience at ELC

in their own words

Bernardo's Story Photo

Bernardo’s Story

Hi.  My name is Bernardo, and I’ve been living with MS since 2010.  I was a third-year law student when the double vision started.  ...
dan's story

Dan’s Story

About 16 years ago when my daughter was 7 months old, I turned around to watch her crawling, and noticed I had double vision. ...
Shan's story

Shan’s Story

Every journey with MS is unique. That, combined with how every life is unique, makes it almost impossible for any one person to relate ...
ELC patient stories

Carrie’s Story

Carrie has been part of the ELC family for four years. A self-described extrovert, Carrie holds a PhD in psychology and currently works as ...

Susan’s Story

One night, I was sitting at my desk working an overnight shift when I noticed that my right jaw was going numb, almost like ...